Republic of Doyle - Season 5


As season 5 of Republic of Doyle rocks into high gear in the premiere episode, Jake’s family doesn’t know where Jake is, or whether he’s alive or dead for that matter. How long will the Republic hold without him? And will Jake be able to get out of the mess that he’s in without the help of his family and, more importantly, without getting himself killed? Some new friends - and some new enemies - will come to the Republic this year as our beloved clan solve the compelling (and sometimes downright crazy) cases that land on their doorstep. Fugitives, murderers, hustlers and thieves abound in the colourful port city, and the intrigue heats up in this rollicking new season of Republic of Doyle.


Alan Hawco, Sean McGinley, Lynda Boyd, Krystin Pellerin, Mark O'Brien, Marthe Bernard, Bob Cole


Stefan Scaini, John Vatcher, Keith Samples, Steve DiMarco, Brad Peyton


16 x 60'


Series, Drama Series, Crime, Drama, Comedy

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