Stolen Miracle (aka An Officer and a Baby)


Based on the true story of a parent's worst nightmare, this powerful drama re-tells the shocking real-life story of the 1993 Christmas Eve abduction of a new-born baby. Allison McKinley is a hard-working cop and mother of two, whose relationship with husband Mike is frayed by the long hours and demands of her job. In the midst of their long-awaited Christmas together, Allison receives a call. A baby has been kidnapped from the local hospital by a woman posing as a nurse. Allison leaves the comfort of hearth and home to answer that call and must unravel a complicated series of clues in a race against time to find the baby. In her determination to bring a Christmas baby home in time for Christmas, Allison rekindles the loving bond that keeps her own family together and realizes they have been there for her all along.


Leslie Hope, Nola Auguston, Gabriel Hogan, Marnie McPhail


Norma Bailey


1 x 90'


Film, Drama, Mystery, Crime

Year of Production


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