Rakishly handsome ‘English Royal’ Percy has just arrived in America for his long awaited arranged marriage. But, while strolling through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park later that night, he is mugged and wakes the next morning with amnesia. On that same morning, Zoe, a precocious 11-year-old, can’t bring herself to dissect a frog in science class, so packs him safely into her lunchbox and sets off for the park instead. Cue a serendipitous misunderstanding, as Zoe kisses the frog farewell at the water’s edge and the ‘Prince’ awakens nearby - Zoe thinks she has turned the frog into a man! With no recollection as to who or where he is, Percy - or ‘Flynn’ as Zoe calls her Prince - has no option but to be led back to Zoe’s home. She soon realizes that the only way she can keep her ‘Prince’ is to have Flynn impersonate a potential nanny and convince her beautiful widowed mother, Gwen, to hire him. With the clock ticking and his Royal family searching for him, Flynn - whose memory gradually returns - finds himself falling for Gwen. When he is found by his family and his intended future wife, the truth comes out, leaving them all with decisions to make. Can Flynn, Gwen and Zoe make their Valentine’s Day dreams come true?


Kellie Martin, Simon Kassianides, Nick Ullett, Kiernan Shipka


Ron Oliver


1 x 90'


Film, Kids & Family, Romance, Comedy

Year of Production


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