The Secret Life of Birds


Travelling from wild coastlines to urban habitats, this fascinating BBC natural history series follows host and wildlife expert Iolo Williams as he explores the behaviour of birds. This ground breaking series reveals every aspect of their lives from surviving harsh winters to avoiding deadly predators. Iolo investigates how and why birds communicate, he studies their breeding and nesting behaviour and looks at the sheer variety of places birds like to nest, from little ringed plovers on shingle river banks to the underground lives of puffins. Iolo goes on to explore the survival challenges that birds encounter, reveals how birds have adapted to living alongside humans and finally explores bird design - their ability to fly, the way their beaks are designed, and how their colour and camouflage enables them to live in many different habitats. Offering a visual treat of stunning landscapes and captivating wildlife behaviour, The Secret Life of Birds provides perfect family entertainment - educating and enthralling in equal measure.


Iolo Williams


5 x 30' (+ 2 x 30' extras)


Series, Doc Series, Nature & Wildlife

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