The result is that numerous animal species slip toward extinction, destroying the ecology of the planet, and in so doing, comes back to haunt the species that is responsible for the killing...humans. It is a world of intrigue and deception, of violence and ruthlessness. Middlemen smuggle rare plants, insects and body parts of animals to merchants around the world. Like drug syndicates, traffickers and thieves earn hefty profits at the expense of planet Earth's future. The only thing that stands between this wholesale slaughter is the E.S.P.U., The Endangered Species Protection Unit, and this is their story. E.S.P.U. was established in 1989 by the South African Police to protect the wildlife of Southern Africa. Today the organisation operates in 6 countries in Southern Africa and is comprised of 32 highly skilled officers. Everyday the officers of E.S.P.U. risk their lives to protect the animals. Viewers become eyewitness to the tension, fear and gritty reality of working for the E.S.P.U.


13 x 30'


Series, Doc Series, Nature & Wildlife

Year of Production


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