The Driver


Feeling the loss of their son Tim who has cut all ties with the family, Vince McKee (David Morrissey) and his wife Ros (Claudie Blakley) have drifted further apart from each other emotionally. They blame themselves for his departure and, feeling utterly helpless about finding a way to get him back, have become accustomed to living separate lives. Vince has fallen into a rut and has tired of his job as a taxi driver. When his old friend Col (Ian Hart) resurfaces after a six-year stretch in prison, Vince’s life is turned upside down when he accepts an offer to be the driver for a criminal gang. At first it’s exciting, and the extra cash is extremely appealing when compared to his regular occupation. But as they prepare for a major job, Vince is confronted with a life-changing situation that he can’t overlook, setting in motion a series of events that puts not only him, but his family in grave danger.


Claudie Blakley, Colm Meaney, David Morrissey, Ian Hart, Jamie Payne, Lee Ross, Shaun Dingwall


Jamie Payne


3 x 60'


Series, Drama Series, Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller

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